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The reason for the high pressure alarm of the TCU integrated temperature control unit

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When the TCU integrated temperature control unit is used, it needs to be used according to the instructions in detail. Once problems are encountered, they need to be dealt with in time. Generally speaking, if we encounter a high pressure alarm from the compressor, then we need to carefully analyze various reasons. The reasons include more refrigerant filling, poor condensation effect, electrical failure and many other reasons. So, how should it be handled?

TCU temperature control unit
  1. There is a lot of refrigerant filling: the main manifestation is that the pressure of suction and exhaust and balancing is too high, and the pressure of the compressor operating current is too large. When in use, it is necessary to ensure its exhaust and balanced pressure according to the rated working conditions, and to ensure that the operating current discharges the refrigerant until the performance is normal.
  1. The pipeline filter is blocked or too thin, and the water passing capacity is limited. A suitable filter should be selected and the filter screen should be cleaned regularly; or the pump should be small and not matched with the system.
  2. False alarms caused by electrical faults, due to damp, poor contact or damage to the high-voltage protection relay, damp or damaged unit electronic boards, and false alarms caused by communication failures. For this kind of false fault, the fault indicator on the electronic board is often not bright or slightly bright, the manual reset of the high-voltage protection relay is invalid, the running current of the compressor is normal, and the suction and exhaust pressure is also normal.
  3. At this time, the expansion valve should be gradually opened, and the opening process should not be too fast to prevent the copper tube in the evaporator from being damaged by too much liquid supply. Wait for a few minutes until the high and low pressure of the unit are balanced. At this time, a lot of white foam can be seen from the sight glass of the evaporator, which means that the oil has entered the evaporator from the condenser.

If the process temperature control unit you are using is the ZLF or SR series of our TCU, you can contact us if you have any questions.

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