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Products and Solutions for Semiconductor Test

    LNEYA Dynamic temperature control system is widely used in the semiconductor system temp control, heat gauge temp control and the need to heat transfer deadlines, suitable for semiconductor chip manufacturing processes, power devices, avionics in aviation electronic equipment.

    In the manufacturing of semiconductor electronic components in harsh environment, IC packaging, assembly, engineering and production test stages of this product include electronic thermal test and other temperature (-120 °C to +300 °C) environmental test simulation. It is committed to solving the problem of temperature control lag of electronic components.

Products Cases

Semiconductor Technology-Chip Burn-in Test
Semiconductor Technology-Chip Burn-in Test
Chip Design Research Institute - Wafer Testing
Chip Design Research Institute – TES-NM65NT
Semiconductor Materials Company-Manufacture
Semiconductor Materials Company-Manufacture

Semiconductor Technology Company - Processing and Testing
Semiconductor Company – Processing and Testing SUNDI-15W

LTS series Features

    Products not only provide excellent performance in many heat transfer applications, but will not have a negative impact on personal safety and environmental sustainability. Fluorinated liquid refrigeration heating temperature control is a desirable substitute for conventional cooling liquids such as water, hydethylene glycol or oils, which use uncommon insulating liquid fluorinated fluid, which has a wide operating temperature range, easy to maintain, and is an ideal substitute for conventional cooling liquids such as water, hydethylene glycol or oil.

Safe and Sustainable efficient cooling method
    The fluorinated liquid refrigeration heating temperature control system is designed for heat transfer applications, while satisfying efficient and reliable performance, or safe and meeting sustainability requirements. As the power of modern electronic devices continues to rise. Wuxi crown fluorinated liquid refrigeration heating temperature control system represents the direction of heat transfer in the future semiconductor industry.

Preferred Temperature Uniformity
Temperature control accuracy up to ± 0.1 ° C, Compatible with multiple different processes, it can be used for your existing process flow.

Protect Personal Safety
Fluorinated fluid has a high human body. Has the following characteristics:
Low toxicity, Nonflammable.

Environmental Sustainability
Fluorinated fluid is a high performance product that does not affect the sustainability of the environment, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

LTS series -80℃ ~ 80℃

The fluorinated liquid refrigeration heating temperature control system is widely used, cooled from the semiconductor process, and then has an application to the cooling of aerospace electronic equipment.


AES series Features

    Production include burn-in, electronic hot and cold testing at temperature, and other environmental test simulations. These semiconductor devices and electronics, once put in real world applications, can get exposed to extreme environmental conditions.
    Product engineers and test engineers in the lab and on the semiconductor production oor use and share the ThermalAir temperature forcing systems to bring their devices to temperature ranges from -55°C to +125°C.
ThermalAir environmental temperature test systems generate a hot and cold air stream directly on the device under test (DUT).

AES series -120°C ~ +300°C

The LNEYA’s AES series has a temperature range from -120°C to +300°C, without the use of LN2 or CO2. Our portable self-contained thermal inducing systems only need to be plugged in. This lets you easily temperature test your electronic semiconductor IC devices.


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    Semiconductors are in the core location of changing the world’s equipment and services. In order to make smaller package sizes to achieve stronger processing power, chip manufacturers need precise control temperature and use precision processes. You can use the LNEYA to develop products for heat transfer applications, and equip your factory with advanced refrigeration heating.

    In many stages in the semiconductor manufacturing process, the fluorinated liquid refrigeration heating temperature control system achieves an efficient, cost-effective, easy-to-maintain.

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