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Heat transfer oil of explosion-proof cooling and heating circulators

Explosion proof cooling and heating circulator is a commonly used temperature control equipment in laboratories. It is used in pharmaceutical, chemical, biological and other industries to provide heat and cold sources for reactors, reactors, etc. it can also be used for heating and cooling other equipment. The refrigeration and heating functions can be realized in the production process to meet the temperature control requirements of different occasions.

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The explosion-proof cooling and heating circulator is classified according to the temperature control range. The circulating heating medium is different. The circulating pump converts electrical energy into mechanical energy to promote the liquid phase circulation of the heat transfer oil, and transfers the heat to the reactor. The heat transfer oil returns to the oil heater after heat exchange with the materials in the reactor, and is heated again under the pressure of the pump to enter the next circulation. After repeated cycles, heat transfer and transmission are realized, and the temperature of the reactor is heated, cooled or maintained, so as to meet the temperature requirements required by the production process.

  1. As a heat transfer medium, the service life of the heat transfer oil is mainly affected by the heat transfer oil itself, the operating temperature of the heat transfer oil, the cleaning in the pipeline and other factors.
  2. Generally, the physical and chemical indexes of heat transfer oil are regarded as its quality indexes. Heat transfer oil has more than ten indexes, such as acid value, carbon residue, viscosity, flash point, moisture, density, distillation range, freezing point, oxidation resistance, corrosion, specific heat capacity, thermal conductivity, thermal stability, etc. the value of each index will affect the service life of heat transfer oil.
  3. Suitable type of heat transfer oil. The operating temperature of the heat transfer oil is correspondingly increased, and the service life of the heat transfer oil is correspondingly shortened. Therefore, when selecting heat transfer oil, it must be selected according to the service temperature.
  4. Clean up carbon deposits regularly. The heat transfer oil is prone to carbon deposition during long-term use, which needs to be cleaned in time. In addition, when the machine is shut down, the temperature should be reduced to below normal temperature. On the one hand, it can protect the pump and motor, on the other hand, it can also reduce the generation of carbon deposition and prolong the service life of heat transfer oil.
  5. The heat transfer oil should be brand-name, not cheap. The quality of heat transfer oil itself is the key to the service life of heat transfer oil. Congenitally deficient heat transfer oil, it is difficult to ensure the long life of heat transfer oil.

If you need to replace the heat transfer oil of the industrial temperature control system or have questions in this regard, you can contact lneya for support.

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