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Waste Gas Condensation RecoveryYQH Exhaust gas condensation recoveryYQH

YQH (-75℃ ~ -35℃)

  • Lowest Temperature-75℃ ~ -35℃
  • Gas Flow20 ~ 30m³/h
  • Heat Exchange Area3㎡*2
  • Power3.5 ~ 6KW
  • Place of OriginChina
  • Quality Guarantee Period12 months

Product Details

Applied to gas condensation liquefaction recovery. The exhaust gas or other electronic gases are connected to the equipment through the induced draft fan (vacuum pump), liquefied, collected and separated into the collection tank by lowering the temperature, and other gases are discharged, so as to realize the condensation, capture and recovery of the gas.


  • The gas heat exchange system has a pressure resistance of 8bar, and a heat exchange cold box with a pressure resistance of 25bar can be customized;
  • The temperature range is from -40°C to -75°C, which can meet different temperatures;
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerants are used;
  • Using the secondary subcooling technology, the refrigeration is rapid and the limit temperature is low;
  • Adopt well-known brand compressors, the main self-brands are Taikang, Emerson Copeland, and Carlisle;
  • The evaporator adopts a plate heat exchanger, which is small in size, long in residence time and high in efficiency;
  • Adopt cold control (Danfoss pressure controller, balance valve, solenoid valve, dry filter, Emerson oil separator, etc.);
  • Adopting Danfoss expansion valve and Emerson electronic expansion valve, the control precision is high;
  • Using Siemens PLC, 7-inch color touch screen display, automatic control operation, and with temperature, pressure curve display, temperature record U disk, fault alarm record;
  • The whole machine is installed, and the system has been tested in the factory. The user only needs to install the refrigerant pipeline and cooling water pipeline to run.

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gas flow20m3/h20m3/h30m3/h30m3/h
lowest temperature-35℃-75℃-35℃-75℃
first stage temperature0℃0℃0℃0℃
Cold box under pressure8bar8bar8bar8bar
heat transfer area3m2*23m2*25m2*25m2*2
Heat exchanger materialSUS304SUS304SUS304SUS304
pressure monitoringAnti-icing blocking pressure monitoring and protection at the inlet and outlet of primary and secondary evaporation traps
defrost controlDefrost control can be carried out according to pressure monitoring
Gas outlet diameterDN40 PN16DN40 PN16DN50 PN16DN50 PN16
Recovery fluid storage tank10L can be optionally installed with recovery transfer pump15L can be optionally installed with recovery transfer pump
Drain diameterG1/2G1/2G1/2G1/2
Control SystemSiemens PLC
display and record7 inch color touch screen
compressorEmerson Copeland Scroll Flexible Compressor (explosion-proof is epoxy resin packaged)
Power supply 380V 50HZ MAX3.5KW5KW4KW6KW
Cooling water (water cooling equipment) 20°C1800L/H  1BAR~4BAR  G3/43000L/H  1BAR~4BAR  G3/4


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