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UST (50 ~ 300℃)

UST (50 ~ 300℃) Heating System

  • Temperature Range50 ~ 300℃
  • Temperature Control Accuracy±0.5℃
  • Heating Power3.5 ~ 95KW
  • Cooling Capacity AT 100℃2.8 ~ 76KW
  • Circulating Pump Flow and Pressure35~400L/min 2~2.5BAR
  • Power Supply5 ~ 101KW
  • Place of OriginChina
  • Quality Guarantee Period12 months

Product Details


LNEYA specializes in the production of R&D heating systems with a temperature control range of 50 to 300 degrees, which enables high temperature cooling processes, from 40 degrees directly to 50 degrees. Equipped with a heating and cooling integrated container, the heat exchange area is large, the temperature rise and fall is fast, and the heat transfer oil demand is small.

Widely used in petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, biological engineering, life science, Light industry and food,Industry, sample testing and so on.


1. UST series adopts high temperature cooling process to achieve 300C~50C cooling;

2. Equipped with a heating and cooling-body container, the heat exchange area is large, the heating and cooling rates are fast, and the demand for heat transfer oil is relatively small;

3. It can realize continuous heating and cooling;

4. Circulation closed system, no oil mist volatilization at high temperature, heat transfer oil will not be oxidized and browned;

5. With the function of correcting the internal circulation temperature probe PT100;

6. The liquid circulation of the whole system is airtight, the system has an expansion vessel, the expansion vessel and the liquid circulation are adiabatic, do not participate in the liquid circulation, but are only mechanically connected, and the medium in the expansion vessel is lower than 60C;

7. The circulating water of 15’C is allowed to pass through, so that the controllable temperature range of the system can be extended to 25~300℃.

ModelUST-3530 UST-5530 UST-7530 UST-A1030 UST-A1530 UST-A2530 UST-A3830  UST-A6030 UST-A9530  
Temp. range+50℃~+300℃
Control ModeFeedback PID + Our special dynamic control calculation, PLC controller
Temp. controlProcess temp. control and jacket temp. control model
Temp. differenceSet or control the temperature difference between jacket oil and raw material process
Program Editor5 programs, each program can edit 40 steps.
Communication PortocolMODBUS RTU Protocol,RS485 interface
Material temp. feedbackPT100 OR 4~20mA or communication(normal: PT100)
Temp. feedbackThe temp. of three points: the inlet and outlet of equipment,  reactor material temp.(external temp. sensor)
Medium temp. acccuracy±0.5℃±1℃
Material temp. accuracy±1℃
Heating power kW3.55.57.5101525386095
Cooling capacity kW at  ℃300 ℃
200 ℃
100 ℃2.84571220304876
65 ℃11.82.2358.5121930
Circulation pump max
L/min bar
Connection sizeZG3/4ZG3/4ZG1ZG1ZG1DN32 PN10DN40 PN10DN40 PN10DN50 PN10
Dimension cm40*70*13040*70*13045*70*16045*70*16070*100*17570*100*17580*120*185150*100*185205*145*205
Weight kg951101201601952653956151220
Power 380V 50HZ5KW7KW9KW12kw17kw28kw41kw65kw101kw


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