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Products and Solutions for Metal Cold Assembly

The deep cold process can improve the performance of the metal material, the technical indicator of the economy, the martensite in the deep cold process, and the residual austenite change, while the finely dispersed carbide changes in the performance of the material, can block the dislocation Ultra-fine microcarbon, thus strengthening the matrix tissue, exerts the grain boundary reinforcement, resulting in an increase in the following three aspects: impact toughness, wear resistance, and dimensional stability.
In the industry, the treatment of ordinary heat treatment is further cooled to -60℃ to -150℃. It is called deep cold treatment, which can reduce the contestation, promote the precipitation of fine carcide, reduce the intermediate stress.

Improve the following Macro performance:
Improve hardness: high-speed steel, mold steel to increase Luoxi hardness 1 to 2 degrees.
Improve wear resistance: CR12MOV steel resistance increased by 30%, 20 ni3MO carbon-resistant steel wear resistance increased by 89%.
Improve the bending strength: 440A cast stainless steel anti-bending strength 1135 MPa increased to 1355 MPa.
Improve toughness: W6MO5CR4V2 impact work increases from 18J to 40J.
Improve the river: W18Cr4V increased from Rhodi Hardness 57.9 to 63.9 at 625 ° C.
Improve dimensional stability: 95CRL8 stainless steel residual austenite is reduced from 35% to 10%.
Improve conductivity: Copper alloy Cu-15Ni-8SN resistivity is reduced from 2 86 × L0-7 Ω.m to L.5L × L0-7Ω.m.

Typical Applications

Applicable classification

Various hot-acting molds, cold work mold assembly
Gear and shaft assembly of various gearboxes, gearboxes
Precision mechanical parts assembly
Various types of motor stator, rotor assembly
Automobile machine, engine components

Specific product application

Suitable for high speed steel duct, blade knife, oil pump, oil tunnel, micro motor shaft, car bearing, golf head, roll, low temperature valve, tool, measurement, mold, casting industry, hardware, auto parts, textile, precision stamping Mold, nanomaterials, precision plastic molds, cutting tools, hobbers, screw punches, knitting machine parts, precision springs, aluminum alloy materials, motor shafts, screws, powder metallurgical molds, packing molds, tungsten carbide materials, Pneumatic tool parts, golf head, racing engine, aluminum alloy, copper alloy, hard alloy, plastic, rubber, asphalt, glass, hill geology with drill, nozzle, spring, gear, bearing, saw blade, engine turbox , Roll, valve, high speed tool steel, carbide tool, various drill bit, mechanical parts, medicine, bioengineering, aerospace, etc. Other uses.

Products & Solutions

GY series -150℃~-20℃, Used for shrinkage of copper sleeves, bearings, etc., widely used in precision mechanical assembly. Applied to ultra-low temperature testing of large equipment.


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