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Products and Solutions for Chemicals / Pharmaceuticals

Precise temperature control in chemical reaction engineering has a significant influence on the production output or the results of the research. In many research laboratories, SUNDI series temperature control systems ensure exact temperatures and stable process conditions. With our dynamic temperature control technology we are also offering solutions for very large reaction vessels with a volume of 10,000 litres and more. SUNDI series can be considered as leading technology based on their thermodynamic properties. This is not least due to the fact that the devices are subject to continuous development together with process engineers and are being adapted to the current requirements. SUNDI series are therefore predestined for chemical and bio-reactors, autoclaves, miniplant and pilot plants, reaction blocks, calorimeters and distillation plant. The devices inspire users with their short heating and cooling times, large temperature ranges without the need for fluid changes as well as a high stability and reproducibility in a common temperature control process.

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Typical Application

Low temperature reactions, Syntheses, Separating processes, Miniplant, Kilo laboratory, Pilot plant, Reactor systems, Autoclaves, Scale-Up, Process development, Combinatorial chemistry , etc.

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SUNDI -90 ℃ ~250℃


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