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TES (-60 ~ 200℃)

TES (-60 ~ 200℃)

  • Temperature Range-60 ~ 200℃
  • Temperature Control Accuracy±0.5℃
  • Heating Power15 ~ 60KW
  • Cooling Capacity AT 0℃15 ~ 60KW
  • Circulating Pump Flow and Pressure110~500L/min 2.5BAR
  • Power Supply28 ~ 102KW
  • Place of OriginChina
  • Quality Guarantee Period12 months

Product Details


LNEYA represents the international advanced liquid temperature control technology, actively explores and studies component testing systems, mainly used for temperature test simulation in semiconductor testing, with wide temperature orientation and high temperature rise and fall, temperature range -92°C ~ 250°C, suitable for various Test Requirements. LNEYA is committed to solving the problem of temperature control lag in electronic components. Ultra high temperature cooling technology can be cooled directly from 300°C.

This product is suitable for precise temperature control of electronic components. In the manufacture of semiconductor electronic components for harsh environments, the IC packaging assembly and engineering and production testing phases include electronic thermal testing and other environmental testing simulations at temperatures (-45°C to +250°C). Once put into practical use, these semiconductor devices and electronic products can be exposed to extreme environmental conditions to meet demanding military and telecommunications reliability standards.

 Model TES-6A15WPEX
Temp Range  -60℃~200℃ -60℃~200℃ -60℃~200℃ -60℃~200℃
Heating Power 15kW 25kW 45kW 60kW
Refrigerating Output 200℃ 15kW 25kW 45kW 60kW
100℃ 15kW 25kW 45kW 60kW
20℃ 15kW 25kW 45kW 60kW
0℃ 15kW 25kW 45kW 60kW
-20℃ 12kW 20kW 35kW 48kW
-40℃ 8kW 14kW 25kW 35kW
-50℃ 5kW 8kW 15kW 25kW
-55℃ 3kW 5kW 9kW 15kW
Temp Control Accuracy Of Heat Conduction Medium ±0.5℃
Fuel Temp Control Accuracy ±2℃ Steady State
System Pressure Display Pressure of Refrigeration system is realized by pressure gauge (High pressure, low pressure);
Pressure of circulatory system is detected by pressure sensor and displayed on touch screen.
Controller Siemens PLC, Fuzzy PID Control algorithm with Cascade Control algorithm.
Temperature Control Temperature Control Mode for outlet of Heat conduction medium;
External temperature sensor: (PT100 or 4~20mA or communication given) control mode (cascade control).
Communicating Protocol Ethernet Interface TCP/IP Protocol
Internal Temp Feedback Equipment heat conduction medium outlet temperature, medium inlet temperature, refrigeration system condensation temperature, positive pressure chamber ambient temperature, compressor suction temperature, cooling water temperature (water-cooling equipment is configured).
External Access Temp Feedback PT100 or 4~20mA or communication given
Cascade Control Time The temperature difference between the outlet temperature and the external temperature sensor can be set and controlled;
TempDifference Control Function The temperature difference between the inlet temperature and the outlet temperature of the equipment can be set to be controlled (to protect the safety of the system).
Closed-cycle System The whole system is a completely closed system with no oil mist at high temperature and no water in the air at low temperature. The system will not increase the pressure due to high temperature and automatically replenish the heat conduction medium at low temperature.
Heating Power The maximum heating output power of the system (according to each model);
The heater has triple protection and independent temperature limiter to ensure the safety of heating system;
Heating power 10kW adopts regulator, heating power output control adopts 4~20mA linear control.
Refrigerating Capacity Refers to the ability to take away heat at different temperatures (ideal condition), the actual working conditions need to consider environmental heat dissipation, please enlarge properly, and do a good job of insulation measures.
High Temp Cooling Module From the high temperature 200 degrees cooling module.
Circulating pump flow max Magnetic drive pump
110L/min 2.5BAR 200L/min 2.5BAR 400L/min 2.5BAR 500L/min 2.5BAR
Source 380V 50HZ 28kW max 48kW max 84kW max 105kW max
Shape Size (Positive Pressure)cm 135 *145*225 150*170*225 165*250*225 165*250*225
External Dimension (Isolation)mm 800*1450*1850 1000*1750*1850 1450*2000*2050 1450*2000*2050
Compression Engine Italy Duling semi-enclosed compressor / BiZell semi-enclosed compressor.
Evaporator DANFOSS KAORI Plate Heat Exchanger
Refrigeration Accessory Oil separator, dry filter, thermal expansion valve, electronic expansion valve, refrigeration solenoid valve, pressure control, mirror, etc. All adopt Emerson / Danvers brand.
Operation Panel Color touch screen, temperature curve display\ EXCEL data export.
Safe Guarding With self-diagnosis function; phase sequence phase breaker, freezer overload protection; high-voltage pressure switch, overload relay, thermal protection device and other safety protection functions.
Cryogen R-404A R23 
Interface Size DN32 PN10 RF DN32 PN10 RF DN40 PN10 RF DN50 PN10 RF
Water-Cooled W Type W is water cooled.
Water-cooled Condenser Tube type heat exchanger(Paris/Shenshi).
Cooling Water Quantity At 32℃ 5m3/h 8m3/h 15m3/h 20m3/h
Shell material Cold rolled sheet spray (Standard Colour 7035)
Barotropic Explosion Protection Positive pressure blast proof (EXPXdmbIICT4) barotropic system must be water-cooled equipment;
LNEYA explosive proof product installation license number: PCEC-2017-B025
Barotropic System Cooling A constant temperature cooling system is installed inside the barotropic system to ensure that the ambient temperature of the barotropic chamber is below 45℃
Expansion System LNEYA
Intermediate Relay\ Thermal Relay Intermediate relays, thermal relays, contactors, circuit breakers, etc., all use Schneider and other brands.
Temperature Sensor Tiankang
Explosion-proof Hose Tu’an explosion-proof threading hose
Internal&External Control This\ External control mode is switchable
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