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Detail the maintenance of 12HP (8.9kW) low temperature chiller

The user can arrange the operator to learn about the daily maintenance knowledge of the 12HP (8.9kW) low temperature chiller after purchase. It can not only improve the company’s product quality, improve production efficiency, but also extend the service life of the 12HP (8.9kW) low-temperature chiller by using the knowledge learned.

low temperature chiller
  1. In the initial operation of the 12HP (8.9kW) low-temperature chiller, the oil level, oil return and oil cleanliness of the compressor should be observed frequently. If the oil is dirty or the oil level drops, it should be replaced or added in time to avoid poor lubrication and affect refrigeration. machine is running.

2.For air-cooled: the air-cooler should be cleaned frequently to maintain a good heat exchange state, and the condenser should be checked frequently for scaling problems, and the scale should be removed in time.

3.For water-cooled: Always check the turbidity of the cooling water, if the cooling water is too dirty, it needs to be replaced, whether the water pump is working normally, whether the valve switch is effective, whether the cooling water tower and the fan are normal.

4.For the air-cooled evaporator: it is necessary to check the defrosting situation frequently. Whether the defrosting is timely and effective will affect the cooling effect and cause the refrigeration system to return to liquid.

5.Always observe the compressor running status of the 12HP (8.9kW) low-temperature chiller, check its exhaust temperature, and pay special attention to the running status of the system when operating in a seasonal change, and adjust the liquid supply and condensing temperature of the system in time.

6.Carefully listen to the running sound of the compressor, cooling tower, water pump or condenser fan, find out and deal with it in time, and check the vibration of the compressor, exhaust pipe and water pump at the same time.

7.After 30 days of operation, the refrigerating oil and drying filter should be replaced once, and after half a year of operation (depending on the actual situation). For systems with higher cleanliness, the refrigeration oil and filter drier should be replaced after six months of operation.

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