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What are the precautions before and after the installation of the reactor cooler?

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The reactor cooler is a low-temperature reaction equipment used in the medical, biological, and biochemical industries. Due to the different temperature ranges, there are more models, and there are certain differences in size. When installing, you need to pay attention to some installation precautions.

Precautions before installation:

The reactor cooler needs to be installed or stored in a dry, vibration-free environment. If the equipment is not needed temporarily, take waterproof measures to avoid water ingress, and do a good job of sun protection at the same time;

The room temperature of the room where the reactor cooler is installed and operated should not be too high. If a certain amount of heat is generated during operation, it needs to be discharged in time to keep the room ventilated or at a suitable temperature;

The floor where the reactor cooler is placed should have a stable surface. It is recommended to be a rigid base or concrete, which can bear the weight of several hundred kilograms of the reactor cooler. If it is water-cooled equipment, a drainage pipe must be reserved for the equipment to operate. The water produced in it can be discharged in time;

It is recommended not to place the reactor cooler in a dusty layer or air with large pollutants. The humidity is too high and it is not suitable, because if it is in this environment for a long time, it will affect the performance of the internal components of the equipment. Blockage or corrosion and rust will affect the operation of the equipment;

Read the instructions before installation. If you need some tools or materials, such as hoisting equipment, soft joints, shock-proof cushions, etc., prepare them in advance.

Precautions after installation:

After the reactor cooler is installed, check whether the water outlets and appearance of the equipment are damaged. If there is any damage, contact the manufacturer to solve it in time;

When installing the water pipes of the water-cooled reactor cooler, a certain distance needs to be reserved to facilitate the construction and adjustment in case of later replacement or failure;

After the reactor cooler has been used for a certain period of time, a certain amount of dust will be generated on the equipment shell, which needs to be cleaned in time;

Regularly check the reactor cooler, especially whether the refrigerant leaks. If the pressure value of the high and low pressure gauges is not normal, there may be a refrigerant leak. Contact the after-sales personnel for maintenance in time;

The reactor cooler is regularly maintained to keep the equipment at a temperature.


There are many application industries for reactor coolers, and the controllable temperature is wide. Effective implementation of installation precautions can make the equipment operate more stably.

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