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Basic requirements for the use of high and low temperature circulators in pilot plants

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The high and low temperature circulator supporting the pilot test is applied to the temperature rise and fall and constant temperature control of glass reactor, metal reactor and bioreactor, especially suitable for the control of heat demand and exothermic process in the reaction process.

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Startup method of supporting high and low temperature circulator for pilot test:

(1) After the relay contacts of chilled water pump, cooling water pump and cooling tower are interlocked with the unit control cabinet, the following control logic will be executed: before the unit is started, start the chilled (medium) water pump, start the cooling water pump after 2 minutes, and start the unit after 1 minute. If the water flow switch is detected to be disconnected for 10 seconds, the shutdown will report a fault. The start and stop of the cooling tower is controlled according to the set temperature of the cooling water.

(2) The unit control cabinet provides three pairs of switch output points to control the start and stop of chilled water pump, cooling water pump and cooling tower. If multiple units are used in parallel, adjust and confirm that the water volume passing through each unit meets the use requirements.

(3) Check or reset various settings on the display screen of the electric control cabinet to meet the use requirements.

(4) After the operation of the chiller, confirm that there is no abnormal vibration or noise in the compressor. If there is any abnormality, please stop the machine immediately for inspection or notify Haier customer service department. After the normal operation of the unit, use a clamp type meter to detect whether all operating currents meet the design requirements of the unit.

2、 Basic requirements for supporting high and low temperature circulator for pilot test:

(1) The machine should be handled with care during handling, otherwise it is easy to cause looseness of internal parts of the machine and lead to failure.

(2) Please pay attention to all warning labels and do not remove them.

(3) Do not start the machine when there is no coolant in the ice water tank.

(4) Before repairing or moving the machine, be sure to cut off the power of the power cord and only repair and maintenance personnel.

(5) Before installing or operating the machine, please ensure that you have read the operation manual of the pilot test supporting high and low temperature all-in-one machine and can fully understand the contents of the manual and some precautions listed in the manual.

(6) If the machine is damaged during installation, operation or maintenance by non personnel, it is not within the scope of the company’s warranty.


The above is about the start-up methods and basic requirements of the pilot test supporting high and low temperature circulator. If you have any questions, you can consult our lneya reactor vessel temperature control manufacturer.

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