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Precautions for the shutdown of the industrial chiller for temperature control of the reactor

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Industrial chillers are equipped with a wide range of accessories and equipment. In actual use, it is necessary to provide regular rest time for industrial chillers. In order to maintain stable performance during long-term operation, users need to master the actual use needs. The method of shutting down the industrial chiller to reduce problems such as excessive wear and tear of the equipment.

industrial chiller used for reactor temperature control

Method for shutting down the industrial chiller of the reactor temperature control unit

  1. When the chiller for industrial reactor needs to be shut down, it is necessary to first consider the shutdown range of the chiller before all shutdown operations can be performed. In order to avoid generating a large pressure, the user needs to close the suction shut-off valve to stop the operation of the compressor.
  2. After closing the chiller compressor, it is necessary to operate the oil pump. Return the slide valve of the industrial single-reactor chiller to the 0-scale position, so that the load reduction reaches zero, and the oil pump will immediately stop all operations.
  3. The chiller is used for a single industrial reactor, and the operation of the water pump and the cooling water tower needs to be stopped in the latter step. After such equipment is stopped, the entire power supply of the industrial single reactor freezer can be turned off, and the entire shutdown process of the industrial ice water machine can be completed. Ensure that the industrial chiller for a single reactor is in a shutdown state.


  1. If the machine is shut down for a long time, it is necessary to carry out special treatment for the industrial single reactor chiller. Including the condenser and the evaporator, it is necessary to completely pump the refrigerant to the condenser, and at the same time discharge all the water sources to avoid problems such as corrosion.
  2. After the shutdown is completed, it is necessary to carry out detailed inspections for various accessories. The shutdown process is more particular, and the use of the shutdown steps can prolong the service life of the equipment.


For the chiller for industrial single reactor that has been shut down for a long time, it is necessary to carry out careful testing to ensure that the equipment is kept away from various corrosive substances, and to improve the shutdown performance of the chiller for industrial single reactor.

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