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Where can industrial heating circulators be useful?

The industrial heating circulator can provide a circulation device of cold source and heat source, and has a wide working range. It is used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, biological and other industries to provide heat and cold sources for reactors, tanks, etc., and can also be used for heating and cooling of other equipment.

Heating Circualtor

1.Due to the heating and cooling effect of the industrial heating circulator, the material temperature can be kept constant (heating and cooling) during the production process, and the density can be kept stable to ensure the stability of product quality.

2.The industrial heating circulator can reduce the use of cooling water, prolong the life of the product, save the cycle, improve the appearance of the product, and reduce the generation of defective products.

3.The industrial heating circulator can achieve continuous temperature rise and fall. It adopts the compressor technology to operate under high temperature and high pressure, and can directly turn on the compressor for refrigeration from 300 degrees, which greatly improves the cooling rate and saves time and energy.

4.The industrial heating circulator is equipped with various types of reaction kettles, jacketed tanks, reactors, extraction equipment and other equipment for cooling and heating and temperature control equipment, which can realize the operation of the same machine for cooling and heating.

5.The industrial heating circulator is classified according to the temperature control range, and the circulating heating medium used is different.

6.After repeated cycles, the industrial heating circulator realizes heat transfer and transportation, heating, cooling or maintaining the temperature of the reactor, so as to meet the temperature requirements required by the production process.

The industrial heating circulator uses a digitally displayed microcomputer thermostat (PLC) to control the constant temperature, with high precision, simple and convenient operation, and improves the heating and cooling speed and temperature distribution accuracy. It is a device that produces high temperature and low temperature working conditions.

7.In the application of the manufacturing industry, the role of LNEYA’s industrial heating circulators is more important. Uneven or inappropriate temperatures can lead to unstable product material, creating thermal stress during production and causing defects. It also affects the production cycle.

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