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FLT-002  (+5℃ ~ +40℃) semiconductor chiller

FLT (+5℃ ~ +40℃)

  • Temperature Range+5℃ ~ +40℃
  • Temperature Control Accuracy±0.1℃
  • Cooling Capacity AT 10℃6 ~ 40KW
  • Flow and Pressure10 ~ 75L/min 5 ~ 6BAR
  • Power Supply380V 3.5 ~ 16KW
  • Place of OriginChina
  • Quality Guarantee Period12 months

Product Details

Semiconductor chiller is a device that uses semiconductor technology for refrigeration. Through the electron migration effect of semiconductor materials, it converts electrical energy into hot and cold energy to achieve the refrigeration effect.


  • High temperature control accuracy: The chiller adopts advanced control systems and technologies, which can control the temperature within a very narrow range and meet the temperature control requirements of the semiconductor industry.
  • Low energy consumption: The chiller has high refrigerant usage efficiency, which can effectively reduce energy consumption and save operating costs for enterprises.
  • Easy maintenance: The chiller adopts a modular design, which makes maintenance more convenient and can effectively reduce maintenance costs.
  • High reliability: The chiller uses high-quality parts and materials to ensure the stability and reliability of the equipment.

semiconductor chiller

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Temp range 5℃~40℃
Temp accuracy±0.1℃
Flow control10~25L/min  5bar max15~45L/min  6bar max25~75L/min  6bar max
Cooling capacity @10℃ 6kw 8kw 10kw15 kw 20kw 25kw 40kw
Internal circulation fluid volume4L5L6L8L10L12L20L
Expansion tank volume10L10L15L15L20L25L35L
MediumSilicone oil, fluorinated liquid, ethylene glycol aqueous solution, DI, etc. (DI temperature needs to be controlled above 10°C)
In and out interfaceG1/2G1/2G3/4G3/4G3/4G1G1
Cooling water portG1/2G1/2G3/4G1G1G1G1 1/8
Cooling water flow@20℃1.5m³/h2m³/h2.5m³/h4m³/h4.5m³/h5.6m³/h9m³/h
Power 380V3.5kW4kW5.5kW7kW9.5kW12kW16kW
Temp extensionExtend -25℃~80℃ by adding electric heater




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