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coolant distribution unitZLFQ-15  (+5℃ ~ +35℃) coolant distribution unit

ZLFQ (+5℃ ~ +35℃)

  • Temperature Range+5℃ ~ +35℃
  • Temperature Control Accuracy±0.2 ~ 0.5℃
  • Cooling Capacity15 ~ 150KW
  • Flow10 ~ 400L/min
  • Place of OriginChina
  • Quality Guarantee Period12 months

Product Details

Liquid cooling equipment is suitable for semiconductor testing, electronic equipment constant temperature testing, cooling server supporting infrastructure, and other fluid temperature control places.


  • The heating method within 40 ℃ is heated by compressor hot air.
  • The circulation system adopts a fully closed design, and the circulation pump adopts a magnetic drive pump.
  • 100% helium detection, 100% safety inspection to ensure the safety
    and reliability of the system.
  • 100% continuous operation of copy machine after 24 hours.
  • Condenser Micro-channel heat exchanger (air-cooled), plate heat exchanger (water-cooled)
  • Evaporator: plate heat exchanger
  • Throttling device: electronic expansion valve
  • Control system: PLC programmable controller
  • Communication: RS485 interface Modbus RTU protocol, Ethernet interface TCP/IP protocol
  • Operation interface: Wuxi Guanya customized 7-inch color touch screen, temperature curve display\EXCEL data export
  • Circulation system: The whole system is a fully closed system, low temperature does not absorb moisture in the air, does not volatilize heat transfer medium, low temperature automatically replenishes heat transfer medium into the circulation system.
  • Shell material: cold-rolled plate spray RAL7035
  • The inside of the pipeline contains: stainless steel SUS304, copper, ceramics, silicon carbide, silicone sealant, PTFE.

coolant distribution units

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Temp range +5℃~35℃+5℃~35℃+5℃~35℃+5℃~35℃+5℃~35℃+5℃~35℃
Cooling water5℃~30℃ Adopt Siemens/Honeywell regulating valve to control cooling water flow
Temperature control accuracy±0.2℃±0.5℃±0.5℃±0.5℃±0.5℃±0.5℃
flow control10~25L/min25~50L/min40~110L/min70~150L/min150~250L/min200~400L/min
 The flow control is adjusted by frequency converter, the accuracy is ±0.3L/min
Cooling capacity (MAX)15kW25kW50kW75kW100kW150kW
Storage volume15L30L60L100L150L200L
BrineWater, silicone oil, fluorinated liquid, ethylene glycol aqueous solution, etc.
controllerPLC, fuzzy PID control algorithm, with cascade control algorithm
temperature controlHeat transfer medium outlet temperature control mode, with cascade control algorithm
letter of agreementEthernet interface TCP/IP protocol
 RS485 interface modbus RTU protocol
Device Internal Temperature FeedbackEquipment heat transfer medium outlet temperature, medium inlet temperature, cooling water temperature
tank levelImport and export pressure sensor detection, cooling water pressure detection
Medium pipelineSUS304SUS304SUS304SUS304SUS304SUS304
Heat ExchangerPlate heat exchanger, special attention: need to use clean factory water
operation panelWuxi Guanya customized 7-inch color touch screen, temperature curve display\EXCEL data export
SecurityWith self-diagnosis function; phase sequence and phase failure protector; pressure protection, overload relay, thermal protection device and other safety protection functions.
In and out interface sizeG3/4G1G1DN32DN40DN50
Cooling water interfaceG3/4G1DN40DN50DN50DN65
cooling methodWater-cooled, the factory water temperature is lower than the minimum temperature provided by the equipment by more than 3°C, and the water temperature fluctuation is ≤3°C
Cooling water flow 7~20℃2.5m³/h4m³/h8m³/h13m³/h17m³/h25m³/h
power supply      
380V 50HZ 1kW1.5kW3kW4kW5kW6kW
shellCold-rolled sheet spray RAL7035




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