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Who Are We?

LNEYA specialized in the Industrial Chiller, Industrial Refrigerator, Multi-reactor Chiller (TCU), Battery Motor/Semiconductor Temperature Testing System and Ultra-low Temperature Chiller. Used in pharmaceutical, aerospace, semiconductor, new energy automotive battery / motor and other industries. The temperature control range of the product is wide, and the -152°C~350°C can be perfectly realized. It has a research and development team of high-quality professional designers with rich experience in ultra-low temperature, high and low temperature development. At present, the company is at the advanced level in the same industry in the research and development of single-machine cascade refrigeration technology, and the research on high and low temperature rapid temperature rise and temperature technology is at the international advanced level. In particular, the high-precision temperature control of the reactor is an internationally advanced single medium control -90 °C ~ +250 °C continuous temperature control, and high precision linear control of the reactor material temperature.

Our Mission:

Focus on solving customers’ wide temperature refrigeration, heating temperature control problems and reducing energy consumption in refrigeration and heating systems; Provide competitive system solutions and services to continuously create greater value for customers;

Our Vision:

Become the industry benchmark

Our Perspective:

Result: customer first, quality first;

Do things: teamwork, teaching and learning;

Be a man: Integrity, Passion, Dedication, and Gratitude.

Our Honorary Certificate:

ISO9001 Certification
CE Certification
TUV Certification

Our success comes from relentlessly helping our customers increase their productivity.

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