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VPE manufactures custom diffusion bonded microchannel heat exchangers (MCHEs), also known as printed circuit heat exchangers (PCHEs), for a diverse range of industries.  Furthermore, these compact heat exchangers are ideally suited for high-pressure and high-temperature applications.

Inside a Diffusion Bonded Microchannel Heat Exchanger

A general overview of fabricating a diffusion bonded microchannel heat exchanger, also known as a printed circuit heat exchanger:

  1. The thermal engineering team calculates the design needed to meet the requirements of the heat exchanger.
  2. An outside manufacturer etches plates or shims with the flow design.
  3. VPE assembles the shims in a counter-flow configuration.
  4. The stacked plates are diffusion bonded to create a solid heat exchanger core without gaskets.  Perfected since 1976, VPE’s proven diffusion bonding process ensures parent material strength throughout the core of the heat exchanger.
  5. The diffusion bonded core is machined to size at VPE’s machine shop.
  6. The welding team joins the required manifolds, flanges, and components to the core of the heat exchanger.
  7. VPE carefully cleans and tests the heat exchanger to verify it is leak-proof.
  8. VPE’s diffusion bonded microchannel heat exchangers are “U” or “UM” stamped and meet the requirements of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code.
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