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Temperature Control System for Semiconductor Testing /Assemblies Testing& Process Cooling Chiller

TES Series


1.Stress testing for chip function and load testing, environmental simulation and in-circuit testing of electronic components.

2.In the manufacture of semiconductor electronic components for harsh environments, the testing phase of IC package assembly and engineering and production includes electronic thermal and thermal testing at temperatures (-85°C to +250°C) and other environmental test simulations.

3.Used for cooling or heating when Party A’s test bench does fuel and lubricating oil tests.

    TES series is to remove the heat from the test bench through the input output of heat through the heating and cooling process of the internal thermally conductive liquid I refrigerant.

    Applied PCB boards,electronic chips cooling heating test.

    Adaptability of PCB Board/Electronic chip operation and storage in simulated climate and extreme environments.

working principle


    The fully enclosed pipeline design reduces the demand for heat transfer fluid and improves the heat utilization rate of the system. The heat transfer medium is in a closed system with an expansion vessel, and the heat transfer medium in the expansion vessel does not participate in the circulation. High temperature cooling technology can directly cool down from a high temperature of 300 degrees.


    The heat transfer oil refrigeration and heating device provides low temperature or high temperature heat transfer oil. The heat transfer oil and the fuel oil exchange heat in the heat exchanger at the inlet of the test piece, so that the fuel oil can reach the desired temperature condition. The problem of pump temperature resistance also solves the problem of fuel carbonization and coking caused by excessive heater surface temperature.

    Large-size color touch screen, record temperature changes in the form of curves;

    The default water-cooled type, you can choose the air-cooled type, the upper air outlet design;

    All compressors are of international brands with high efficiency;

    The wiring of the electrical cabinet is clear and the structure is compact;

    Standard size of liquid inlet and outlet, stainless steel material;

    Powerful circulating pump to ensure the delivery of high viscosity liquid.

more parameters

ModelTES-4TES-8TES-6A(Antifreeze Test)
Temperature Range-45℃~250℃-85℃~200℃-60℃~200℃
Heating Power3kW~25kW2.5kW~25kW15kW~60kW
Cooling Capacity0.3kW~25kW0.3kW~25kW3kW~60kW
Temperature Control Accuracy±0.3℃±0.3℃±0.3℃
Circulating pump flow, pressure
25L~150L/min bar25L~150L/min bar110L~500L/min bar
Power supply
36kW max50kW max102kW max
water-cooled type/air-cooled type

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Video Introduction

    LNEYA represents the international advanced liquid temperature control technology, actively explores and studies component testing systems, mainly used for temperature test simulation in semiconductor testing, with wide temperature orientation and high temperature rise and fall, temperature range -92°C ~ 250°C, suitable for various Test Requirements. LNEYA is committed to solving the problem of temperature control lag in electronic components.

    Once put into practical use, these semiconductor devices and electronic products can be exposed to extreme environmental conditions to meet demanding military and telecommunications reliability standards.

Apptication Field

    Temperature control of etching baths for wet chemical fabrication of wafers and microchips;
    1.Component cooling, water cooling, etching baths, wet chemistry, etc.;
    2.Temperature control of etching tank;
    3.Electronic component material testing;
    4.Keeping etch rates constant and predictable, a perfectly balanced temperature control system not only improves production results, but also increases process reliability and reduces production time, cost and maintenance.

Customer Case

    We have extensive experience in process temperature control for the semiconductor industry. If required, we adapt the temperature control solution to your individual needs.

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