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Dynamic temperature control system sundi series, with ultra-high temperature cooling technology, can be cooled directly from the high temperature of 300 ℃. Plate heat exchanger and tubular heater are used to improve the heating and cooling rate, reduce the demand for heat transfer fluid and improve the heat utilization rate of the system. Supporting test chamber and vacuum chamber to provide necessary temperature simulation requirements.


It is suitable for precise temperature control of electronic components. IC package assembly and engineering and production test stages include electronic thermal test and other temperature (- 45 ° C to + 250 ° C) environmental test simulation. Solve the problem of temperature control lag of electronic components. Ultra high temperature cooling technology can be cooled directly from 300 ° C.


KRY -40 ℃ ~ 100 ℃ series is a temperature solution designed for automotive industry, product has the characteristics of control temperature, flow, and pressure changes. Width of the temperature control (can be extended to 0 ° C ~ 150 ° C), the temperature control accuracy can reach ± 0.3 ° C. When performing tolerance testing, there is usually an infinite loop.


In response to many demand for the automotive industry, the space is small, the LNEYA KRY series specially designed a multi-device, one drag two, one drag three, one drag six, one device can support multiple test platform temperature control, control flow pressure.


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