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The tested object is attached to a test platform adapter.
The inside of the part was cooled and heated by an aqueous solution of ethylene glycol.
The test component needs to go through a specific temperature profile and record changes in temperature.
When performing a tolerance test, it usually takes an infinite loop.

Equipped with a powerful circulation pump while ensuring the delivery of highly viscous liquids.
Control the flow output with variable frequency regulation or proportional control valve to achieve high precision control total range 5%~100% adjustment.

New energy battery / motor high and low temperature testing machine, the product can not only control the temperature, but also control the flow and pressure, the product temperature control range is -40 degrees to 135 degrees, the antifreeze flow control range is 2 ~ 20L / min. The product provides high and low temperature test of antifreeze and control of antifreeze flow and pressure for new energy automobile motors and battery packs. Products can be tested in high and low temperature environments such as battery packs, and provide high temperature, low temperature, flow control, and pressure requirements for battery packs.

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